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The Genesis Platinum Support PromiseSM

  • The right skills …
  • The right values…
  • The right delivery…
  • Every time!

World-class companies are built around the positive experiences of those they serve. At Genesis you will receive personalized individual assistance from our Customer Care Teams each time you need our help.

Platinum Support isn't just what we do. It's really what makes us, well, us. It's the drive to do more than what we say we will. It's our need to make a difference in the lives those we serve…every time. It's our way of life.

What's makes Platinum Support work? Easy, it's our people. They're hard to come by, because each one has a unique mixture of skills and traits. This fantastic mix of talent is at your fingertips should you have a question or need our assistance.

You can reach our U.S.-based English and Spanish Customer Care Teams by calling us toll-free or by simply emailing us.

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