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Why Go Green?

Today, the third-party administration industry consumes large quantities of energy, paper, and ink when providing daily administrative services for clients and participants. As the earth’s resources are strained and rising costs continue to squeeze budgets, implementing environmentally friendly solutions has become a responsible and smart business strategy.

Doing Our Part

At Genesis we are committed to developing practices and products that help us minimize waste, and we strive to use recycled materials wherever possible. We know that we're not alone in our mission.  For this reason we developed the nation’s first “Green FSA” program which we launched on Earth Day 2009.  This industry leading service is cost effective, efficient, and it's environmentally friendly. The plan works just like any other FSA program only it is completely paperless!

Genesis Green FSA Program

This optional program involves the elimination of all paper communications including: paper enrollment forms, mail and fax claim submissions, and weekly reimbursement paper check production.  Instead, we leverage our leading-edge processing technology and move to a 100% paperless administrative environment.  From enrollment to complete participant reimbursement, no more paper!  Not only is going green environmentally friendly it also reduces administrative costs, so we pass those savings back to your organization to reward you for going green with us. Go green and save some green, what could be better than that!  

Genesis Green FSA Program Elements

Standard Approach 100% Green Approach
Enrollment Paper Online
Communications Paper Email and Online
Claim Filing Paper Debit Card and Online
Sending Claim Receipts Paper Online
Claim Reimbursements Paper Check Direct Deposit


As you contemplate your administrative options we invite you to consider joining the Genesis Green Business approach today!

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