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Next Generation Online Retiree Billing Administration

Like our other products and services, Genesis moves Retiree Billing administration into the 21st century. You will never have to fill out paper forms or fax last minute information again!  By employing the most sophisticated and secure Retiree Billing and COBRA administration technology, Genesis gives you the tools to more efficiently administer premium payment from your retirees, and peace of mind to know that the process is safe and secure.

  • Single platform for COBRA, State Continuation and Retiree Billing administration
  • 24/7 online access for employers and retirees
  • Premium due dates, designated by your organization
  • Flexible grace periods for payment, designated by your organization
  • Flexible premium subsidies, by retiree
  • Real-time online employer reporting
  • Multiple retiree payment options
  • Up to 512 bit SSL encryption

Administration Services

  •  Send premium payment coupons to retirees
  •  Provide toll-free customer care center to answer retiree questions
  •  Receive and track premium payments
  •  Send notice to participants when “Short premium” payments are made
  •  Communicate with retirees regarding NSF checks
  •  Return premium payments received to plan sponsor electronically on a monthly basis
  •  Send rate change notices to retirees
  •  Notify carriers when retiree terminates coverage
  •  Issue HIPAA certificate to retirees when coverage terminates             


Reports are available to employers 24/7 via the employer portal

Standard Reports Accounting Reports
  • Carrier Notifications
  • Generated Letters
  • Member Status
  • Paid Through Date
  • Plan Renewal Date
  • Proof of Mail
  • Remittance
  • Subsidy Schedule
  • Refund

Platinum Support PromiseSM

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing market, Genesis remains committed to building trusting relationships through exceptional client support; we call it our Platinum Support Promise.  When you select Genesis as your Retiree Billing administrator, you will be assigned an account management team who oversees the operation of your plan.  Your retirees will have a team of specialists available to assist with website navigation and answer any questions that arise.

Employer Retiree Billing Portal

The easy to use Genesis Retiree Billing employer portal allows you to quickly enter retiree information, find data you need and run reports for benefit, reconciliation and auditing needs.  Never again will you need to fill out paper forms, fax multiple changes, or fill out confusing spreadsheets. The Genesis Retiree Billing employer portal provides an easy online way for you to initiate the retiree notification process as people retire, then we take over and handle the rest!


Participant Retiree Billing Portal

The easy to use Genesis Retiree Billing participant portal allows retirees to view benefit and payment information, access PDF versions of communications mailed to them, and even make online payments! 

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